No Limits
July 16, 2017

No Limits
1 Timothy 4:12-16

Timothy was a young pastor who likely faced opposition by those who doubted his qualification as a spiritual leader. In many ways, he wasn’t what would normally be considered the best candidate from the outside looking in. He hadn’t had much life experience yet, and he was often timid and reserved in leading - not exactly the kind of qualities you look for in someone to guide your church!

But regardless of what others thought, the Lord’s call automatically made Timothy qualified. No matter who may have said of Timothy: “He can’t.”, God said: “He can.” And there is no one on Earth who can deny the working of God in someone’s life once He has set something in motion. There is no door that can be shut when God opens it. God doesn’t take age into consideration when He searches for someone He can use. He considers the character and zeal evident in the life of ones who present themselves as a willing vessel. What others may see as limitations, God sees as an opportunity!

We as young people in pursuit of doing a great work for the Kingdom of God should take Paul’s advice to Timothy and apply it to our own lives in whatever ministries we are investing in. In the scripture, Paul urges young ministers to not be discouraged by our young age, but to embrace it and take advantage of the time we have by giving our all to the work of God. When we put God first, He will not only direct our path, but also give us strength and clarity to reach our destination. Our limitations - age or otherwise - are no match for God’s divinity and power. If He is for us, nothing and no one can stand against us! (Romans 8:31-38)

Pray: “Lord, I know that when I work alone, I am overwhelmed by my inadequacies. But through You, all things become possible! So as I grow and serve You, I pray that You would grant me confidence, contentment, and clarity in my ministry. Help me to always stand firm on the calling You have given me and look past any negativity I may come against. ”