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May 15, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
Have you ever felt like you are constantly at war within yourself? Like you desire to do what’s right and follow God’s Word, but there’s always this part of you that wants to go your own way? Don’t worry, we can ALL relate. Our human nature - our flesh - is drawn to sin. It urges us to ignore God’s voice and doesn’t particularly like to submit. So how do you battle this?
May 7, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
Don’t let sin warp the truth about God’s infinite love for you and keep you from running back into His arms. While He cannot let sin go untouched, His guidance does not end with reproach. You see, God has given us all the beautiful gift of grace. Even when we do fall into sin, He desires to give us another chance. And another. And another. So if you make a mistake, don’t run from Him. Run to Him.
April 29, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
With so many different things trying to crowd our lives, it can sometimes seem like it’s impossible to reach Jesus. Relationships, obligations, media, confrontation, temptations, pain, sickness - they all try to stand between us and the Lord. But it’s our job to push past them in order to seize God and all He has for us.
April 22, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
What has God told you to do that you have avoided? Is it the pull to start a Bible study with your friend? A burden to serve on the foreign missions field? A conviction to abandon unhealthy habits? No matter what you’ve neglected, your story isn’t over yet. You may feel that you have missed your chance to obey His call, but don’t fret!
April 15, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
Do you have the heart of Barnabas or the attitude of Ananias? Are you just putting on a show to make it seem like you’re totally devoted, but are really only giving part of your life to God? Are you offering your time, money, and talents to God just so that you can boast about it to your friends on social media? Or can you be content with making unseen sacrifices that are just between you and the Lord?
April 8, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
Can others see Jesus in you by your boldness to speak about His mighty works? What miracles could we witness if we simply began shifting our everyday prayer to asking for our own unprecedented boldness? What if we started intentionally laying aside our personal wants, needs, inhibitions, and fears in order to seek after a courage to fulfill our calling of preaching the Gospel?
April 1, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
As we reflect on the selfless sacrifice and glorious resurrection of our Savior, let’s also make a commitment to never make the same mistake of denying Him in our frustration, or of doubting Him when we don’t understand.
March 25, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
Answering your calling can sometimes feel daunting. We may feel hesitant because we are frightened by the inevitable opposition, or because we are complacent in the life we’ve already created on our own. What the Lord asks of you may seem impossible at times, but, thankfully, He is a God who thrives in the impossible. He is fighting with you and for you, and has given you everything you need to enter your battlefield confidently. Don’t let yourself or your values become misplaced.
March 18, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
It seems that sometimes we seem to be more excited about our blessings than we are to simply be able to have a close relationship with the Lord. But in reality - no blessing is greater than being able to stand in the dwelling place of the Most High, surrounded by His sweet Spirit. Nothing we could receive could match the privilege of touching Heaven.
March 11, 2018 - Peyton Johnston
How much of yourself will you give to get the blessing God has for you? Just because God has promised you something, doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to work to obtain it. God can do above everything you ever ask or think all on His own. But sometimes the way to your miracle comes first by your own efforts.