P7 Team

Seth Boyte

National Director

Seth has been serving in youth ministry with his wife Evelyn for 7 years in Appleton, WI. Project 7 Bible Clubs began to change the culture of the youth group when P7 was launched in 2013 when students caught the vision and began making disciples. Seth joined the National P7 Team in 2015 as the social media manager and became the director in October of 2018. He’s passionate about student ministry and seeing students live out their faith at school. Seth is a coffee guru and can often be found throughout the week bunkered down in a coffee shop in Appleton.

Chase Vicars has been involved in youth ministries for the last five years. He has been around youth ministry his entire life, as his father has over 20 years of youth ministry experience. Chase holds a business degree from Northeast State Community College in Kingsport, TN, and works in his family business. He is heavily involved in youth ministry at The Promise Apostolic Church in Church Hill, TN. He was instrumental in starting a Project 7 Bible Club at Volunteer High School and has worked with other P7 clubs in East Tennessee. His desire is to help other youth start P7 clubs all over the country and see young lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kyle Thayer and his wife hail from Saginaw, Michigan and are disciples of Jesus Christ. He serves as the Youth Pastor of Anthem Student Ministries at Saginaw Valley United under Pastor Kevin Leaman. Kyle also serves as the Section Seven Youth Director of the Michigan District Youth. He enjoys entrepreneurship, it has been in his blood from birth; his grandfather started a handful of businesses, and now he helps manage one of those and also is the founder of Trusource Marketing. He is a lifelong learner and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration which he used at multiple Health Care facility positions from accounting to Human Resources. Most importantly, Kyle is always striving to grow his walk with Christ through his daily devotion and sacrifice. If you are ever in Michigan and love running, find him on Social Media, he would enjoy the challenge and the invite to run.

Keith Nevad


Keith Nevad is a born and raised generational Floridan. He serves his community as a paramedic and has a degree in EMS Science and Biblical Studies. In 2005, at the age of 19, he was won to the Lord by his best friend. He now serves as the high school student pastor at The Sanctuary of the Palm Beaches under the Leadership of Pastor Daniel Kyle. In 2009, Keith was recruited by First Priority to help start and establish Bible clubs across Palm Beach County. When P7 launch in 2013, he was invited to serve on the newly formed P7 team. Keith now serves as the P7 Administrator and District Coordinator for Florida. It is Keith’s goal to defend a student’s right  to share the Gospel of Jesus on school campuses