Count the Cost

March 26th, 2017

Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 9:23-25; Luke 14:27

What is your treasure? Your time? Your family’s money? Your talents? Your heart will dwell wherever you invest your treasure. This is why it’s so important that we use our resources for God. To whatever we entrust our resources, we entrust our heart. If we want our heart to be found in God, we should invest our treasures in Him—treasures of time, finances, and ability.

Often, the flesh has a hard time surrendering its treasures to God. Flesh says the money should go to a personal need. Flesh says that you should use your downtime for play. Flesh says you should devote your talents and abilities to venues that attract wealth and accolades.

The world will beg for your resources, promising all of its allurements and making all of its appeals. But what it may deliver in sparkle and glamor, it will lack in fulfillment and joy. Any use of your treasure that’s out of God’s plan will never satisfy you.

Jesus asks you to take up your cross, sacrificing the desires of the flesh. The paradox is that in forfeiting fleshly pleasures, your spirit gains joy, prosperity, and peace. Some people think of taking up their cross as enduring some kind of burden, but the cross doesn’t represent a burden; it represents death.

No one wants to die. Dying to self is a difficult process. But like most challenging endeavors, the payoff is well worth the pain.

Pray: Jesus, so many things pull at my attention throughout the day. Help me to retain focus on You. Help me to remember that all the glory belongs to You. My purpose on earth is not to stockpile money, attention, or social status. All of these things will mean nothing someday. My truest treasure is a life surrendered completely to You.