Your Past

April 2nd, 2017

John 4:7-15

Are you plagued by mistakes from your past? Do you worry that God will never be able to effectively use you—or that when He looks at you, all He sees are your flaws?

When Jesus met the woman at the well, He did so with the intention of offering her eternal life. He knew her mistakes, and He was not intimidated. This woman’s sins were not too messy for Jesus to redeem; her failures didn’t scare Him away.

Sometimes we forget that God revels in the act of redemption. When you think of heroes from the Bible, do you imagine men and women who were raised strong in the faith, lived perfect lives, and never disappointed God? The truth is, many of the people God used most mightily had shady pasts.

Rahab, of the bloodline of Jesus, was once a prostitute, yet in Hebrews 11, she is listed with the heroes of faith. Ruth was from Moab, a nation known for its wickedness and pagan practices, yet she became the great-grandmother of King David and an ancestor of Jesus. Jacob, father of the Israelite nation, was at one time a liar and a cheater. Peter, the first preacher of the apostolic message, once denied Christ.

This is an abbreviated list of people who made colossal mistakes before they realized they were overdue for a change. Instead of wallowing in regret over the past, they turned from their sins and became God-honoring world-changers. Their stories are in the Bible because God wants you to know your life is redeemable—no matter what you’ve done.

Pray: Jesus, when I get stuck in the past, remind me that the power of Your sin-cleansing blood is greater than I could ever fathom. Forgive me for looking to myself for strength rather than to the Holy Spirit. I praise You for redeeming me; I love You for blessing me with new life.