He’s Inclined to You

May 21st, 2017

Psalm 40:1-3

David says that when he cried out to God, not only did God listen, but He inclined to David. To incline to someone means to feel favorably toward them. But it also has another meaning. The word “incline” comes from the Latin roots in meaning “toward”, and clinare meaning “to bend”. So when God inclined to David, He was making the physical and spiritual motion of bending toward David to hear him and move on his behalf. The scripture said that the Lord then drew David out of his despair, established his path, and filled him with a song of praise.

God heard. He moved. He directed. He transformed.

This passage of scripture reveals that when you cry out to God, He not only listens; He bends down to meet you in your need. He favors you and is reaching out to you to pull you out from whatever burdensome situation you’re in. He wants to make a clear way for your life and turn your song of sorrow into a song of joy. What a beautiful Savior!

But one thing to remember is this: David also spoke at the beginning of the psalm saying that he first was patient and waited on the Lord to answer him. You see, sometimes in the midst of God making a change, we can’t see or feel the effects right away. We can be assured that God will always respond to us, but sometimes we have to stand on the knowledge that His understanding, judgment, and timing are far greater than ours. So when our answer does not come right away, we should not fear that the inclination of God is absent, but rather trust in His perfect timing.

Pray: “Lord, I thank You for Your favor toward me. I thank You for continually listening to my every need and frustration. Help me to have patience and to remember in my deepest frustration that You are there, inclining to me to turn my situation around.”