The Trade for Temporary

May 7th, 2017

Genesis 25:29-34

Esau traded the lasting benefits of his birthright for the immediate desire of a bowl of stew after a long day. He acted on impulse and desperation without pausing to consider the long-term consequences of what he was about to do. Ultimately, he realized that he had traded something priceless for a simple meal, but there was no way for him to turn back.

It seems insane to imagine someone trading something so valuable for something so small and fleeting–so temporary. But it’s so easy for us to fall into the same trap. When we see something we want, our first impulse is to get it–no matter what it may ultimately cost us. We may initially feel satisfied and somewhat empowered when we have achieved what we set out to get. But in the end, we find ourselves empty and consumed with regret, guilt, and shame for following what we know was not God’s will.

Maybe it’s loneliness that makes you say you “need” that person that is not right for your life. Maybe it’s emptiness that causes you to participate in that event that is harmful to your walk with God. Or maybe it’s jealousy that pushes you to spend money that you don’t have, putting you into a sinful debt. Whatever immediate struggle you’re facing, remember that God is bigger. God is greater. And your calling, your purpose, and your life are worth more than anything a temporary trade could bring.

Pray: “God, help me to focus on the ultimate goal today and every day, and to consider how every decision will impact my life long-term. Let everything I say and do be pleasing to You and be in Your perfect will. I want to run after the eternal, Godly things and not stray toward the temporary things of this world.”