Not Forgotten

Peyton Johnston

June 25th, 2017

Genesis 16, 17, 21.

Ishmael was not Abraham’s true heir. He was not the son God promised Abraham to start a grand lineage as countless as the stars like he had hoped. There were times when he and his mother were ridiculed and mistreated. And everyday, he was reminded that he was no longer the highly favored one in his father’s eyes, but came second to his half brother, Isaac.


Ishmael was still a child of Abraham. He was still a part of God’s plan. And most importantly, Ishmael was still a child of God. He was loved and he was certainly not forgotten. In fact, in time he was extremely blessed and made the father of 12 princes!

There may be seasons in your life that you find yourself feeling mistreated though you’ve done nothing wrong. You may feel that God is overlooking your good deeds and giving someone else undue credit. Regardless of your circumstances, God has not forgotten you. He never will – He loves you too much! He sees and honors your every sacrifice and obedient decision. He has created you for a divine and specific purpose and is working in ways you may not fully understand yet. But trust me when I tell you that if you stand firm on God’s Word through your confusion, all things will become clear and you WILL be blessed! He will take your trial and turn it into a testimony.

Pray: “God, whenever I come against a time in my life where I feel directionless and alone, I ask that you would send Your matchless peace and love. In those times remind me that no matter what, I am Your child, You are with me, and You always have my best interest in mind. Give me patience and understanding through every struggle, and help me to find ways to make the most out of any season I’m in.”