The Meaning of Ministry

June 4th, 2017

2 Corinthians 6:1-10.

Ministry. A word we use constantly, but something that is often misunderstood by many. Many want to reap the benefits of serving the Kingdom, but few want to make the real sacrifice.

There are many aspects of ministry that often are forgotten or undervalued.

It’s important to remember that ministry is not about the self. Ministry is not convenient. Ministry is not a position, but a way of life. It is not a right, but a beautiful privilege. Ministry is often listening when you’d rather speak. It’s loving the unlovable. It’s serving and giving even when you feel empty. It’s showing up when you’re tired. It’s humbling yourself instead of winning the argument. It means setting an example even when you’re struggling. It’s encouraging others when you need encouragement. It’s coming in second when you feel you should be first. It’s asking God to use you though you don’t understand why you’re in the place that you’re in. It means saying “Let’s pray right now” instead of “I’ll pray for you”.

Ministry simply means putting yourself third, others second, and the Lord first. Always. The very word “ministry” is derived from the Greek word that means “to serve”. As we chase after living a life worth calling Christ-like, the only way to become everything God intends for us to be is to put ourselves third. Which, let’s be real, can be a real challenge sometimes! We are prone to being self-servient. But in the end, it’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about THEM. The broken. The lost. The searching. And it’s about living a life in total reverence to God. That’s what we’re living for. And the moment we lose sight of that is the same moment we lose our privilege to have a ministry – one of the most sacred and rewarding parts of being a Christian.

Pray: “Through my journey in building my ministry, let me never forget that it’s You, Lord, that I’m honoring. And that my purpose is to please You and serve others with all that I am. Help me to put aside selfishness and pride, and to have a reverence and respect for whatever position I have in furthering Your Kingdom.