Comparison Kills

Peyton Johnston

September 17th, 2017

Genesis 3; Galatians 6:4; Galatians 1:10

Eve’s sin sprouted from a doubt Satan planted inside of her. He caused her to question her contentment. How could she possibly be happy with her life if she was forbidden from enjoying everything within her reach? Satan shifted Eve’s focus from everything God had provided to the one thing He withheld.

Our desires, like Eve’s, can too easily be manipulated. How often do we get consumed by our own trivial desires to the point of forgetting how blessed we truly are? Most generally we become dissatisfied with our own lives when we fall into the trap of comparison. We see others’ accomplishments and wonder why our life doesn’t “measure up” to theirs. We create this false idea of what success should look like and begin to criticize the place that we’re in. We get discouraged, jealous, and find ourselves no longer desiring to obtain what the Lord wants, but instead to obtain what others have. Comparison kills – it kills joy, clarity, confidence, and purpose.

In all reality, God only withholds the things from us that we either are not yet ready for or are detrimental to us living for the Kingdom. Every life that He has so carefully and intentionally brought into existence is for a purpose – a unique purpose. Each of us are given distinct designs in order to fulfill a specific call. He will never keep anything good from us, but rather intends to give us the very best! But the best thing for your life may not seem like the best right away, and it may be something totally different from your neighbor’s gift. It’s important to keep God & His Word our center in everything so that our desires reflect less of our own flesh and more of His purpose. Allowing God to mold our desires creates a clear path to true contentment.

Our view of self worth should not be based off of possessions, achievements, physical attractiveness, or public acclaim. Instead, it should be based off of the fact that we are made in the likeness of the flawless, almighty God (Genesis 1:27). Because we bear God’s image, we should remember to check ourselves before projecting negativity onto who we are. When we downgrade or criticize ourselves, we are insulting what God has made, all the abilities and blessings He has given us, and essentially – we are saying that God Himself is not good enough. Embracing that you are made in His image and that you are of great worth not only helps your own life to flourish, but also helps you to develop a true relationship with God and love those around you.

Pray: “I pray that my heart would be set on Your Kingdom, Lord – that I would long only for the things You want for my life. Remind me that I am Your masterful creation with a high calling a special purpose. Keep me from living a life of bitter comparison, and help me to have a content and thankful spirit in every circumstance.”