Peyton Johnston

September 11th, 2017

Genesis 14:14-16

As soon as Abram heard of the capture of his beloved nephew, Lot, he wasted no time forming a strategy to rescue him. Abram was able to immediately save his nephew from captivity only because he had prepared. He had been thoroughly training his men for many years in case of a situation exactly like the one he faced. Had Abram’s people not developed their battle skills, there would have been no hope for victory.

What if we were to enter into a critical situation without proper preparation? We can’t win a battle if we don’t know how to properly defend ourselves. It’s no secret that trials and temptations are going to come our way because our world is lost and the enemy loves to try to take our joyful triumph any chance he can get. If we assume that we can face opposition without preparation, we are fooling ourselves. So when struggles do come, we need to be ready for them. Often times, the reason for defeat is solely because of a lack of preparation.

In Ephesians 6, we are given clear direction on how to prepare ourselves to have the victory. The Bible tells us to clothe ourselves with the full armor of God in order to fight our enemies. God’s armor includes truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, and the Word. With careful and intentional sharpening of these weapon in our lives – sickness, loneliness, confusion, hurt, failure, sin, and any other issue can be faced fiercely and fearlessly.

Pray: “As I enter the battlefield, help me to prepare my mind and my spirit. I don’t want to ever come against my enemy and lose because I have failed to clothe myself in Your armor. I thank You for giving me the tools to overcoming every obstacle!”