Service = Strength

Peyton Johnston

September 4th, 2017

Isaiah 40:28-30

David didn’t become king over all of Israel until age 37, though he was promised it much earlier in life. While he waited, he faced betrayal, loneliness, and the constant threat of death. It’s hard to imagine what David’s life must have been like as such an outcast, but it’s safe to assume that it  must have been completely unbearable at times. He must have felt isolated and confused while wrestling between what was easy and what he knew was right.

Yet somehow through all his turmoil, David stood firm on God’s promises and did not waver in his trust. Through everything, not once did David pressure God into instant results and success – even when he was suffering. Not once did he step outside of the realm of God’s will – even when he had an opportunity to be rid of the very one who was causing him so much pain. And there was never a time when David walked away from following the Lord – even when it seemed his promise was lost. How could someone possess so much peace in the midst of so much frustration?

Isaiah 40:31 tells us that “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” When we hear that, we tend to think it means that if we are still, God will give us strength. And while there are times when we do need to be still, that’s not the case in this instance. The word “wait” in that scripture is derived from the same word we use for “waiter” or “waitress” whose job it is to serve. So what this word is really telling us is that they that SERVE the Lord shall find renewed strength.

David found his strength because he chose to live his life diligently serving God’s kingdom through unconditional sacrifice, trust, and worship. He understood the importance of being patient & waiting for God’s perfect timing. He recognized the eternal value of surrendering his temporal life to the Lord in every way he could.

Life is confusing. Promises don’t always come when we think they should. We will inevitably face heartache and become weary sometimes in our lives. But our heavenly Father is so, so good to us. His Word is always true. And he understands the struggles that we face and gives us limitless resilience. Our weakness can be mended by simply serving.

Pray: “I choose to serve You, God. Even when I don’t see You working, I know You are. Even when I feel worn down, I will trust you. Because I know You have the very best plans for my future if I will just wait on You and have patience for Your timing. And when my faith runs thin, I pray that you would send me a refreshed strength.”