All or Nothing

Peyton Johnston

January 22nd, 2018

Mark 10:17-29

This man must have felt so defeated. All he wanted was to find a way to eternal life with the Lord! But when he asked how to obtain it, he was disappointed to hear what would be required of him. He assumed Jesus would have given him a much more reasonable request – something that fit into his lifestyle. Something convenient. But giving up his wealth? Abandoning a life of comfort and luxury for radical uncertainty and poverty? That was just too much to ask!
But because this man refused to surrender and go beyond his realm of comfort, he gave up the priceless opportunity to walk alongside the Almighty. He was unable to witness the incredible miracles, wonders, and signs that Jesus performed. And ultimately, he traded an eternity in Heaven for some years with his riches.

We all would like to think that if Jesus came knocking on our front door and asked us to leave everything to follow Him, we’d do it without any hesitation. It seems like a no-brainer to choose eternal treasure in heaven over fleeting treasure on earth. But what about all the times Jesus actually does come knocking on our door – the door to our heart – and asks us to throw away some possessions we’re holding too tightly?

Your possession may or may not be money. Or it may be a relationship that’s spiritually draining you. It may be a toxic habit that’s controlling you. It may be a bitter attitude or emotion that’s causing you grief. It may be a job or after-school activity that’s taking up too much of your time. Whatever it is that could be holding you back from complete surrender God’s call… Is it not better to lose it than to lose God’s favor? Just like the young rich man, we, too, could miss the chance to see greatness simply because we are unwilling to answer to a higher calling.

If you’re truly wanting to gain eternal life, God’s going to require some serious sacrifices from you. And they won’t be easy – if they were, they wouldn’t really be sacrifices! But anything given to God is always returned with something much more valuable.

God’s divine intention for you is not to serve Him in moderation. It isn’t a call for half-hearted sacrifices or a lackadaisical life of worship. No, not even close! It’s an all or nothing choice – giving your all or nothing at all because anything in-between is just a lukewarm offering that God detests (Revelation 3:15-19). God is seeking for those who are willing to follow Him regardless of the cost. Ask yourself what you can give to God today so that you can live an all-in, totally obedient life following Jesus.

Pray: ​“Jesus, following You is worth any sacrifice you ask of me. Help to always answer Your call – even if it’s outside my comfort zone. Reveal to me anything in my heart that I treasures more than Your Kingdom, so that I can surrender it to You.”