Lessons From Lot Part 1

Peyton Johnston

January 7th, 2018

Genesis 19

Traditionally, the entrance of a city was considered the place for city officials and other prestigious men to congregate. They would meet to discuss various current events and conduct business transactions. It was a time for these men to take notice and be noticed. Evidently Lot held a fairly lofty position in the city’s government – or at least associated with those who did – because when the angels found him, he was at the city gate.

It’s probably safe to say that one reason why Lot was so reluctant to depart from Sodom was because of his achieved status and authority. He was all too hesitant to abandon his wealth, position, and comfort that he had established even though he knew of his home’s impending destruction. And because Lot wavered, the angel had to forcibly take his hand and rush him to safety.

It seems so ridiculous that Lot would refuse rescue from the Lord because of something so trivial. Yet how often does God try to deliver us from a hazardous situation, but we are too stuck in our ways to obey? Are we so hypnotized by the Sodom in our life that we can’t see the sin that’s confining is? Can we leave an ungodly life even if it means abandoning our earthly titles and possessions? The acknowledgement and satisfaction we may get from anything on earth is only temporary. But the choice of whether or not we submit to God’s will has an eternal impact.

Pray: ​“Lord, if there is ever a position, opportunity, or ambition that keeps me bound in a detrimental lifestyle, I ask that you would take it out of my hands. Nothing in this world is worth missing Your call. I want to put my hope in Your Kingdom, not in my Sodom.”