Lessons From Lot Part 2

Peyton Johnston

January 14th, 2018

Genesis 19

Lot grew up under the care and wisdom of Abraham. The life of a Godly man was nothing foreign to him. Righteous living had been imprinted in him long ago. But he had spent so much time living amongst ungodly people that he become desensitized to the evil that surrounded him. The repulsive ways of his neighbors were watered down and drowned out by the allure of promising riches and social prominence that the big city gave. Sin had been so far absorbed into Lot’s heart and mind that he was content to tolerate – and even conform to – their sinful lifestyles.

Lot abandoned the right thing to try fit in with the wrong people. He gave up God’s holy promises to seek the enemy’s false promises. He had entered the city with an intent of influencing his environment, but instead allowed his environment to influence him. And because of that, he was no longer a believable witness for God when the moment came for him to stand up for what was true. No one was willing to listen to the words of someone whose actions contradicted them.

As you strive to be a light in your city, ask yourself these questions: Have you left what is good in order to chase a trivial temptation? Do those who know you see you as a true example of Jesus Christ, or are you just one of the crowd, blending in unnoticed? Have you compromised your beliefs so much that God finds it impossible to use you? Be aware of the impact your surroundings have on you. We must be cautious not to be so naive to think that we can constantly associate with sin and not be influenced by it. Inevitably, sin will tug on our hearts enough to pull us away from the Lord, causing us to lose our voice in the darkness. In order to change our world, we must first decide to follow after God and be set apart from the world in the way we live.

Pray: ​“God, don’t ever let me become so enticed by this world that I choose its lies over Your truth. Don’t let my fleshly desire to be like everyone else cause me to forget that I’m called to stand out as Your witness. I know You have given me a higher calling to reach Your people through Your Spirit and Your Word. Help me to keep myself right so that I can make an impact on the world, and not let the world impact me.”