Accepting the Unexpected

Peyton Johnston

February 18th, 2018

2 Kings 5:1-15

Naaman was a man of high esteem. He was the king of Aram’s right-hand man in battle – a hero in the eyes of his king and countrymen! His position was no doubt accompanied by great wealth and recognition. He was used to being treated with the highest honor and given the royal treatment. So he was appalled by the total disregard he received by Elisha after making the long journey to Israel. How dare this prophet treat him as if he were a common man – didn’t he know who Naaman was??

Not only did Elisha send a messenger instead of greeting Naaman himself, but he also gave Naaman a ridiculously shameful task in order to be healed. Naaman had conquered armies, yet he was expected to bathe seven times in a filthy river. He was accustomed to basking in the glory of victories of war, but now he was diminished to an apathetic response and a lowly task.
It was beneath him. It was embarrassing.
Was a healing really worth damaging his lofty reputation?

Thankfully, Naaman’s officers convinced him he had nothing to lose. He came to his senses and realized that nothing was worse than dying the terrible death of leprosy. And when he did obey the prophet’s command, he was instantly cured and made whole! But what if Naaman had let his pride get in the way of his healing? What would have happened if Naaman would have walked away from the cure simply because he didn’t receive the answer he wanted?

Are you missing God’s answer to your prayer because you’re not open to any other answer than the one you expect? Maybe God has already responded to your cry, but you haven’t accepted it because it’s not what you wanted to hear. Don’t form so many preconceived notions in your mind of how you want God to provide that you limit your view of His power and His ability to move in your situation. For no blessing in your wildest imagination could ever come close to His actual plans for you. He always gives exceedingly, abundantly greater than we think, ask for, or even deserve.

He’s just ​that ​wonderful. Always.
If God leads you to a humble, unexpected place, don’t turn away out of fear or pride. Because it’s often in those humble places that God restores and blesses. Trust the way of the Lord and the voice of the prophet in your life.

Pray: ​“Lord, never let me allow anything to get in the way of obeying Your command. Whether or not I receive the answer I was expecting, help me to have enough discernment and humility to accept it wholeheartedly. I know that from You comes only great and fruitful things, so I will trust in You!”