Peyton Johnston

March 25th, 2018

2 Samuel 11

King David should have been the one to lead his armies into battle as the God-ordained ruler of the Israelite nation. But he chose instead to stay behind in Jerusalem, and sent Joab in his place. Why would David forgo his duty as king? Perhaps it was because he was too comfortable enjoying the spoils of his palace, or because he had grown tired of the drudgery of combat. Or maybe he was fearful of defeat.

Whatever the reason, his decision to stay caused his downfall. It was because he was not on the battlefield that he found himself gazing through a window, lusting after Bathsheba – the start of a long list of devastating sins. David wanted the luxuries of being king, but he didn’t necessarily want to deal with the hardships that came with it. His refusal to put in the work and totally fulfill his calling ultimately led him to commit offenses far deeper than he would have ever expected. His physical misplacement was just the outcome of his priority misplacement.

Just like the Lord appointed David to lead His people, so has He appointed us to take on different roles in His Kingdom. When we neglect the calling God has placed on our life, we not only miss out on the victories He has in store, but we also risk becoming the antithesis of God’s intention. Turning our backs on what He has appointed us to do or only putting in a partial effort is the first step to drifting away from God altogether.

Answering your calling can sometimes feel daunting. We may feel hesitant because we are frightened by the inevitable opposition, or because we are complacent in the life we’ve already created on our own. Or it could even be that we have already begun to grow weary in the pursuit of attaining the place God is calling us to. When we come to that mindset, it can be tempting to refuse the call and go our own, seemingly simpler way. But remember this: David may have avoided the toil of war, but he was met with an even greater struggle of compounding sins and resounding repercussions.

What the Lord asks of you may seem impossible at times, but, thankfully, He is a God who thrives in the impossible. He is fighting with you and for you, and has given you everything you need to enter your battlefield confidently. Don’t let yourself or your values become misplaced. Don’t find an excuse to stay home from the fight. Boldly step out and fulfill your calling knowing the reward of following the Lord is far better than the result of following yourself.

Pray: ​“God, don’t ever let me let go of the promises You have given to me, or develop a misplaced view on what’s really important. No path I can take could ever be greater than the one that builds Your Kingdom and leads me closer to You. And Lord, even when the task You give is intimidating or burdensome, help me to still always choose to go where You send me.”