Peyton Johnston

April 8th, 2018

Acts 4:13; 4:29-31

Peter and John were not formally educated, nor were they extraordinarily talented. They were not descendants from wealth or a family of high esteem. They were simple men with a profound mission to preach the Good News, and refused to let any opposition slow them down. Even when the rulers of the nation came against them, mocked them, and arrested them, they did not yield. The two were so determined to fulfill what God had called them to do that nothing else seemed to really matter anymore – not the fear of rejection, the loss of personal ambition, or even the constant looming threat of imprisonment and death.

Because of their zealous attitude, they naturally drew a lot of attention to themselves. And before the people around them even heard what they had to say, they all instantly recognized Peter and John as followers of Jesus.Not because of the style of their clothes. Not by their social status. Not by the eloquence of their words. But because of their willingness to take risks and act courageously and innovatively – because of their ​boldness​.

How can it be that someone could attain such a deeply devoted boldness? A boldness so radical that they unashamedly speak the truth in the face of dire consequences?
The answer is surprisingly simple: ​They prayed for it​.

That’s it.

These followers of Jesus had come to such an amazing level of faith in the teachings of their master, Jesus, that they knew whatever they asked for, they would receive it (​Matthew 7:7​). And they also remembered when Jesus had said, “​…and when they bring you unto the synagogues, and unto magistrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye shall say: For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say​” (​Luke 12:11-12​).

They knew that all they had to do was ask for the boldness to accomplish their goal, and then let the Spirit of God inside them help them do the rest.

Can others see Jesus in you by your boldness to speak about His mighty works? What miracles could we witness if we simply began shifting our everyday prayer to asking for our own unprecedented boldness? What if we started intentionally laying aside our personal wants, needs, inhibitions, and fears in order to seek after a courage to fulfill our calling of preaching the Gospel?

The first step to obtaining the victory over our school, workplace, and city is to portray the Spirit of Jesus living inside of us by showing ourselves fearless in proclaiming the Good News to anyone who has ears to hear it. Once we come to the realization that God desperately wants to use us and that He WILL provide our every need – there’s no telling what wonders He will

perform through us! And with the Lord on our side, we never have to worry. He will always give us the words to say and the boldness to say it when we step out in faith – we just have to ask Him!

Pray: ​“Lord, I want to be a light and a witness for You. I pray that I’ll never let anything stand in the way of answering Your call. On my own, I don’t always have enough boldness to do everything You ask of me. But I know that through You, nothing will be impossible for me! So I will never be afraid and I will trust You in all things.”