Run To Him

Peyton Johnston

May 7th, 2018

Genesis 3:8-10

After Adam and Eve sinned, they heard the voice of God roaming through the garden. The couple panicked. Obviously God knew what they had done and had come to confront them about it. They were so full of guilt knowing they had betrayed the trust of the One who had only ever been gracious and kind to them – who had given them life! They had disobeyed the one command they had been given. Out of a single moment of weakness and doubt, they became ashamed to be seen by their heavenly Father. The visitation of God had always been a celebrated occurence, yet this time, they hid from Him.

What should have been viewed as a comforting presence for them to​ run to​ had become a fearsome force to ​run from ​in their shame-filled eyes.

The presence of the Lord is usually something we long for. Yet in sin, our instinct is often to reject God and run from His spirit. We don’t like to feel the inevitable sting of conviction that our mistakes bring. We become overwhelmed by our unworthiness when our stained rags stand against the spotless lamb. Too often, we would rather suffer through a distant relationship with God than to face His correction.

God did punish Adam and Eve for their sin. He had to – He’s a just and pure God who will never go against His law or character. But He also forgave them, blessed them, and gave them a long and prosperous life. It was out of love that He corrected them, not anger. He valued them too much to allow them to continue making the same mistakes. But from that same love He gave them a chance to start again.

Don’t let sin warp the truth about God’s infinite love for you and keep you from running back into His arms. While He cannot let sin go untouched, His guidance does not end with reproach. You see, God has given us all the beautiful gift of grace. Even when we do fall into sin, He desires to give us another chance. And another. And another. So if you make a mistake, don’t run from Him. Run to Him. Because it’s there that He is able to give us correction and direction; forgiveness and peace. Avoiding God is really just avoiding your redemption.

Pray: ​“Lord, keep me from becoming trapped by sin. I don’t ever want to feel far from You. But if there ever is a time when I fail, help me to not let my guilt consume me so much that I hide from You. Remind me that when I to run back to You, I’ll be comforted and forgiven while You put me back on the right path.”