An Easy Target

Peyton Johnston

June 12th, 2018

1 Samuel 17:32-51

Goliath was a giant man with a giant attitude. He was the champion fighter of the ruthless Philistine army who knew no fear. With one look at this looming beast, the entire Israelite army was immobilized. No one was brave enough to answer the impossible challenge to duel this great warrior. So for forty days they were at a standstill, with Goliath shouting across the battlefield, taunting the Israelites, and slowly draining them of all hope of a victory. This one evil man made the Israelites forget that they were the soldiers of the all-powerful, living God.

When David – a lowly shepherd boy – approached King Saul and offered his skills to defeat Goliath, the ruler was skeptical. How could someone without proper training and strength take down a literal giant? But Saul was desperate and out of options. Determined to conquer Goliath and end the war, he agreed. He assumed triumph could only be found by matching Goliath’s level of weaponry, so Saul gave David his very own armor and sword. But when David was given these heavy type of weapons, he quickly concluded he couldn’t even function – much less fight – with those tools. The same things that were Goliath’s strengths would have been David’s hindrances.

So David entered the battlefield with the two weapons he knew he could rely on: his trust in the power of God and his shepherd’s sling. When others looked at Goliath, they saw an opponent too mighty to defeat. But David saw a target too big to miss! Don’t be fooled – David was not fighting unprepared. He had armor with the strength to match Goliath’s, but it didn’t look the same. It was invisible. He was spiritually equipped.

Ephesians 6:10-18 describes in detail the resources that God has placed in our hands. Too often we face our world day to day and try to wield its weapons instead of fighting with the infallible power God has given each and every one of us! The way to fight the giants the enemy sends your way is not through the same tactics they use – those will only slow you down and cause you to stumble. We must enter our battlefield armed with the armor of God, our trust in Him, and confidence in the abilities God has gifted us. Never let the challenge of a battle or a beast make you forget that the One who overcame the grave and has a train that fills the entire temple is fighting with you. On your own, your giant will seem too big to take down. But with the Lord, it’s an easy target.

Pray: ​“Lord, as I face my battles each day, help me to wield the weapons You have given me. Give me hope and boldness. Remind me of the battles You have already won for me and of the strength I have in You. And let me view my giant through Your eyes – seeing it as an easy target.”