Peyton Johnston

July 1st, 2018

Hosea 3:1

There is few a deed that leaves one with a feeling of betrayal deeper than that of adultery. It’s an act that shows a lack of respect, compassion, and value for the one you have vowed to stay devoted to. It destroys and corrupts the heart, leaving everyone involved feeling heavily burdened.

Hosea knew that feeling all too well. The Lord had instructed him to marry Gomer – a known prostitute. Entering into this marriage, he knew the heartbreak he would suffer. He knew that he would pour his love and affection into this woman without much of a return. He knew that he would prove himself to be completely loyal while his wife would constantly be unfaithful. Hosea knew…

But he treasured Gomer anyway. He was faithful anyway. He was good to her anyway. He kept his vows anyway.

Before the Lord ever even created us, He knew the sin we would commit. He knew how often we would betray Him, reject Him, and ignore Him. God knew that He would breathe life into us and provide our every need, only for us to devote our time to material and sinful things. He knew that His relentless love would often be met by just a half-hearted, apathetic pursuit of a relationship with Him.

But He formed us anyway. He chooses us anyway. He keeps His promises anyway. He blesses us anyway. He sent His Son anyway. His love is unwavering anyway.

We are all guilty of betraying the Lord and breaking His heart every time we sin or turn away from Him. But somehow with this unfathomable grace, He showers us with underserved forgiveness and favors us regardless.

Are there things in your life that cause you to repeatedly be unfaithful to God and His Word? How can you change your lifestyle to be more devoted to Him?

Pray: ​“God, I am so very unworthy of the radical portrayal of love and faithfulness You show me time and time again. Thank you for never turning Your back on me no matter how many times I turn my back on You. I pray that You help me to get rid of anything in my life that keeps me from being completely devoted to You.”