Lions, Kings, and Officials – Oh My!

Peyton Johnston

August 23rd, 2018

Daniel 6:16-24

Daniel’s excellent work ethic and integrity did not go unnoticed by King Darius. In fact, it was rewarded! But while the king was making Daniel the administrator over the entire empire, the officials working under Daniel began plotting against him. The fact that a God-fearing man was rising above their stations in a pagan kingdom baffled them to the point of consuming bitterness. Though Daniel was truly innocent, the officials were successful in condemning him through their deceitful manipulation. His sentence: to be thrown into a den filled with ravenous lions.

It was only through Daniel’s blamelessness that God was willing to rescue him. Daniel didn’t let the cruelty of man or the fear of a beast cause him to doubt or deny the Lord. And because of God’s intervention, something that was intended to shame and kill a righteous man ended up becoming the portal for God’s glory to be revealed to an entire nation.

So who are you in this story? You have the power to choose which character you are going to fashion your life after: a lion, an official, a king, or a Daniel.

Don’t allow yourself to become a like lion – a beast who gives no thought to tearing others apart with their mouths. And certainly don’t be like the officials who fell into a pit of jealousy – a pit far more dangerous than one of savage animals could ever be. And even an attitude of King Darius, while honorable in some aspects, falls short when he allowed his timidity and need to please others to get in the way of standing up for what was right – betraying a man who spent a lifetime serving him. Don’t be a King Darius.

But instead, strive to uphold the courage and virtue of Daniel who never wavered in his devotion to the Lord, nor in his kindness to earthly authority. And when you come against a lion who tries to ruin you with their words, remember that God can shut their mouths in an instant and keep you from harm. And if a resentful official or a foolish king betrays you, know that God is the Deliverer from all things. He can and will free you from whatever undeserved pit anyone tries to throw you into.

If you remain faithful to the Lord, He will remain faithful to you. If you surrender your will to His, He will release miracles into your life. And if God decides to do something, there’s no lion, official, or king who can stand in His way.

Pray:​ “Lord, I want to live a life like Daniel – not as a beast or a betrayer. Keep my mouth from tearing others down – I want to be a uplifter. Keep my heart from being filled with bitterness, jealousy, or pride. Help me to always stand steadfast in my integrity and faithfulness to You; no matter what obstacle comes my way.”