Chosen. Royal. Holy. Peculiar

Peyton Johnston

September 13th, 2018


1 Peter 2:9

Chosen. Royal. Holy. Peculiar.

Those are the seriously awesome labels we take on as followers of the truth. But what exactly do they mean? Let’s break it down together.

Chosen Generation: If you are “chosen” for something, it means you are intentionally selected because you are seen as the most deserving and capable to perform a task. God is so confident is us that He has deemed our generation to be the one who bears His light and carries it into this world which has become filled with so much darkness.

Royal Priesthood: Being “royal” means you are related to and have access to the same benefits and power of a ruler of a region. In the Old Testament, a priest would act as the intermediate between God – no one else could directly approach God. But after Jesus died on the cross, anyone could approach Him. We are His children, and He is the King of Kings and Ruler of the whole world. So that means that He has given us the title of royalty – giving us access to His matchless power and all the wonder of His Heavenly kingdom. And now we are all part of the “priesthood” and can come freely into God’s presence without fear!

Holy Nation: “Holiness” is an expression that describes something to be set apart, set above, and made righteous through a total dedication to God. A group of people is considered a “nation” when they have a common tie between them. Because we all have been covered by the blood of Christ, we are part of one nation – a holy nation meant for greater things than this world can offer.

Peculiar People: Being called “peculiar” means a couple of different things. First, it shows belonging. Being peculiar means specifically being a part of and representing something. It also means you have characteristics unlike those around you – you are sometimes seen as strange or unusual. In contrast to a sinful world, a holy people will undoubtedly stand out. But when other realize the true love and joy we possess, they will crave to belong to the One who gives such peculiar peace.

Reaching your lost friends and family can take a real toll on your spirit. But we can come back to this word to encourage ourselves. So if there is ever a day when you feel you’ve lost your purpose, remember that you have been intentionally chosen by God Himself for this particular time. If feelings of inadequacy creep into your heart, remind yourself that you are a child of the most high King and have power over anything that comes against you. If you ever feel alone, know that you are meant for great things, and have the support and understanding of an entire holy nation. And in the times when it seems you are misunderstood by your peers because of your faith, be encouraged! For Jesus was labeled as peculiar as well. And while some mocked

him, many more were drawn to him. Countless found their way to salvation simply by hearing the truth of Jesus’ words and experiencing the unconditional love he gave.

We can see the same change in our world that Jesus saw in his if we remember who he has called us: Chosen. Royal. Holy. Peculiar. Remember them. Recite them. Believe them. Be them.

Pray: ​“Lord, thank You for choosing me, elevating me, setting me part, giving me a new identity, and making me a part of Your kingdom. When I start to feel discouraged, help me to remember that you have given me a higher calling, and that I am Yours.”