Student Leaders – How to Get Started

in 4 easy steps!

There are 4 easy steps to start your P7 Bible Club! This page is your detailed checklist to get to your first meeting. Print it out, bookmark it, and go step by step! You can also download the Starter & Strategy Guide PDF or a hard copy here.

Get Started:


The first step in starting your club is to pray! Pray that God will give you direction and wisdom as your start your club. Pray for your school administration to embrace your club, for students to be hungry and open to attend your club, and for God to prepare the way for you.

Be sure to partner with your spiritual leaders (youth pastor, youth leaders, pastor, etc) for their help and support. While they are not allowed to actually start the club and lead it, they can be a valuable asset in giving you guidance, instruction, training, and encouragement along the way. Be sure to have them pray with you, as well.


It may seem intimidating at first to start something out of nothing. We assure you, however, that we will provide all the help and assistance necessary to ensure you have everything you need to get your club approved by your school and to launch it.

Planning is 90% of the work. Presenting your plan to the school administration is 10% of the work. If your planning is done well, you have no reason to be intimidated about starting your club. Rather, you will be able to confidently present your plan for a successful launch!

Here’s what you need!

  1. Student Interest List – Compile a list of friends that are interested in your club. The school will like to see at least 5-15  names/signatures of other students who want to see this club in your school.
  2. Letter to School – To start, send a letter to your school principal or vice-principal stating your desire to start a club. Attach the following documents to your letter: Proposal and Charter/Constitution (below) Click Here
  3. Proposal – Your school administration will want to see a proposal and a few documents to show them what your club is about, who is interested, what you will be doing in your meetings, etc. Start here with your proposal. Click Here
  4. Charter/Constitution – Most school clubs have a charter or constitution that outlines how the club will operate. You can use this one, OR you can create your own based off this format, but personalize it to your group. Be sure to include your mission and core valuesClick Here
  5. Meeting with Principal – This may seem intimidating, but don’t be afraid! Your school administration loves to see students take leadership initiatives. They may at first be a little leery about approving a faith-based club if they are unaware of your rights as a student to do so. Present your proposal and charter, and explain your purpose for starting the club.
  6. Pitfall – Some school administrators are not aware of your rights as a student and may be nervous about letting a student start a religious club. If this becomes a problem, you should politely explain the Equal Access Act and the Student Bill of Rights
  7. Be Familiar with Your Student Rights.


  1. Register my P7 Club – Once your club is approved, be sure to get it on the map by registering your club here. We will provide any support you need along the way.
  2. Prepare for Your First Meeting – There are many ways to lead a Bible Club meeting. Here are some tips to get you started!
  3. Get the word out – Tell everyone you know about your first meeting. Use the PA system, the school newspaper, bulletin boards, etc. If other student-led clubs use these resources, the Equal Access Act guarantees that you can use them as well. Word of mouth is always
    the best outreach tool.
  4. Practice – It’s time to launch! Put to practice all the things you learned and launch your first meeting. Make your first meeting a major hit!


  1. Now that you’ve unlocked your faith in your school, it is time to produce a harvest and start turning your world upside-down!