Meaningful Trials

October 19th, 2016

James 1:2-4, 12

Have you ever come home from the worst day ever, shut your bedroom door, and danced a jig of joy because of all your trials? Didn’t think so. And God doesn’t necessarily expect you to, either. On the other hand, James says you can have an attitude of joy when you endure trials. How? By understanding that trials make you a better person.

Just as you can’t expect to grow large, strong muscles without hitting a gym, you can’t expect to be a spiritually or emotionally strong person without putting in hard work. Some of this hard work is just old-fashioned discipline—faithful prayer, Bible study, and fasting. Another thing that builds strength is enduring a trial. People who never go through hard times may be considered lucky, but they’ll never be considered strong.

If you find yourself going through a trial, remember: the struggle you’re in today is building the strength you’ll need tomorrow.

Pray: Jesus, as I go through trials, I pray that I’ll find my strength in You. Help me remember that the struggle I endure is producing the maturity and strength I’ll need to become complete, whole, and useful in Your Kingdom. May I always remember that even in my trials, You are sovereign and in control.