October 3rd, 2016

I Samuel 15:22; John 14:15

A popular mentality says that God, knowing our human frailties, doesn’t really care about the sinful things we do. It views the teachings of God’s Word as suggestions more than commandments. This mind-set says that as long as you believe Jesus is the Son of God, you’re good.

The Bible couldn’t be clearer that God expects us to obey His Word. Our obedience to God is the evidence of our love for Him. Think about it: if your mom asks you to clean your room, are you going to have a paintball war in there instead? Not if you love and respect her! How much more should we love and respect God?

Today, listen for the voice of God. Let Him speak to you through His Word and by His Spirit. Commit to obedience, and watch as He blesses your life in beautiful ways.

Pray: God, if there is any rebelliousness in me, forgive me. Help me be a teen who searches after the very heart of God. As I learn to submit to You in obedience, help me also obey other authorities in my life such as my pastor, teachers, and parents. I love You, Jesus, and I want my life to speak my love louder than my words.