Beautiful Redemption

November 16th, 2016

Jeremiah 18:1-6

We make mistakes. We hurt loved ones. Our priorities get mixed up. We get distracted and totally, completely face-plant in our relationship with God. What’s worse, sometimes we make the same mistake more than once. When the guilt becomes overwhelming, some people think they’ve messed up so bad, God will never forgive them. Or they feel that when bad things happen, God must be giving them what they deserve. Guess what: people may respond to your actions with vengeance, but that’s not how God operates. You will reap consequences of decisions, both good and bad, but God is not looking for reasons to peg you with a lightning bolt.

Put your hand over your heart. Is it beating? If yes, then grace is available to you! What that means is that just as a pottery maker might rework misshapen clay to form a beautiful vessel, God longs to mold your life into something amazing. He doesn’t care how many times you’ve made the same mistake or how ugly and malformed your life is. With His master skills, God can transform the most deformed lump of clay into something breathtaking. You need only to surrender to Him.

Pray: God, forgive me for the mistakes I’ve made, the ways I’ve missed the mark. I’m done trying to force my life into my own mold. I want You to take control of the potter’s wheel and fashion my life into something beautiful. I praise You for being able to redeem something so broken. I cherish Your love toward me.