No Worries

December 7th, 2016

John 14:27; Matthew 6:31-34

Don’t be uneasy, worrying about your parents’ shaky relationship, your grandma’s scary medical diagnosis, or whether you’ll ever find a girlfriend or boyfriend. These are things the unbeliever worries about, and your heavenly Father knows all about them.

If you’d been sitting along with the crowd of Matthew 6, listening in on Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount, He might have told you the words above. As Christians, we can fully trust in Jesus as our provider, our hope, and our answer. We don’t need to wear our bodies down with stress or waste energy worrying, because God has our back!

This won’t come as news to you, but in our world, there are plenty of opportunities to entertain worry and fear. Jesus has the solution: seek after the things of God first, and everything else will fall into place. That’s not a guarantee life will go exactly the way you want it to, but it is a promise that whatever it is you face, God’s got this.

Pray: Jesus, I surrender my worries and fears to You. I know that You are in complete control. You know more about my life than I even know, and I can trust You to handle every detail. I may never understand some things, but I choose to trust You. Thank You for loving me the way You do. Thank You for replacing my worry with peace.