January 18th, 2017

II Timothy 2:22

Some people think of God as some kind of divine killjoy who hates to see humans have a good time. They usually write off Christianity as a religion of “thou shalt nots.”

In reality, it’s God’s will that you experience a life of joy. God’s call to purity is not about keeping you from having fun. God calls you to purity because He loves you. He wants to have a meaningful relationship with you. God’s very nature is pure, and He cannot dwell in an impure vessel.

When you choose purity, you choose the blessings that come naturally from living under God’s established laws. You save yourself untold heartache. Indulging in the things your flesh likes to do generates consequences, but those who embrace purity have freedom. They reap purity’s benefits, and they never regret their choice.

Pray: Jesus, I want to be a clean vessel, filled with Your Spirit. It seems everywhere I go, there are opportunities to mess up and become spiritually dirty. Help me to guard my heart, my mind, and my eyes. Help me to protect my relationship with You as I would a priceless treasure