God’s Favor

February 27th, 2017

Numbers 6:24-26; Deuteronomy 28:1-2; Isaiah 66:2

Imagine that God’s eyes are roaming throughout the earth, searching for someone whose heart is turned toward Him. When He sees you, warm approval fills His being; your integrity and love for truth leap out at Him, and His heart is delighted. Did you know God can actually feel this way about you? Noah, David, Samuel, and Mary are just a few biblical examples of people who had this kind of favor with God.

God deeply loves each and every human soul, but not everyone has His favor. So how can you become someone who does? How can you know the amazing, breathtaking favor of God? (1) Seek after Him with your whole heart. (2) Surrender yourself in complete obedience to Him. (3) Have deep reverence for His Word. (4) Clothe yourself in humility.

It is astounding that the God who created every atom in the universe, every one of billions of people who have ever lived, and every star in the sky, could know you, cherish you, and favor you. But He can! Determine today that you are going to live in the glow of God’s favor.

Pray: God, I am nothing. I don’t deserve Your love and forgiveness, much less Your favor! The thought that You would look on me with delight is humbling—but it’s what I want more than anything else. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that You want to have an intimate friendship with me. Show me how to walk in obedience and reverence to Your Word.