February 1st, 2017

Ephesians 5:20; I Thessalonians 5:18

Take a moment to list three things you’re extremely grateful for. All done? Hopefully that wasn’t too hard! Even if you’re pretty sure you failed that English quiz, or your best friend isn’t speaking to you right now, or your family was just dealt a hard blow, there is reason to be thankful. Sometimes, as society tells us that in order to be happy we need the coolest clothes, the richest dad, or the most enviable physique, we get so depressed thinking of what we don’t have that we forget to be grateful.

II Timothy 3 lists all sorts of horrible traits that characterize our age, and says to avoid those who have them. Being unthankful is mentioned among behaviors such as blaspheming, being disobedient, and being unholy. As children of God, let it never be said that we are unthankful!

Never take for granted God’s blessings to you. Be thankful that you can see, breathe, walk, and think. Be thankful for running water, air conditioning, and access to education. Most of all, be thankful that God knows your name. Be thankful that You can have His Spirit living inside you and that He has made a way of salvation for your soul.

Pray: God, forgive me when I start looking at what I don’t have rather than being grateful for all the amazing things You’ve blessed me with. Help me to put more value on spiritual blessings than those things the world says are important. I am so thankful that You know who I am!