Purpose in the pain

February 22nd, 2017

II Corinthians 12:7-10

Few pains are as cruel as the searing pierce of a thorn. Paul described a situation in his life that was like a thorn in his side, forever jabbing, forever throbbing, forever tormenting. He prayed multiple times that God would send relief, but God was more concerned about Paul’s spiritual condition than his comfort. God knew that because of the great things that had been revealed to him, Paul might become puffed up with pride if this thorn was removed.

From time to time, you will experience physical and emotional pain. Some pains will be fierce but fleeting. Some pains will linger for long years. Others will come with a vengeance and then seem to die down, only to flare back up when least expected.

No one wants to experience pain, but in these things you can be confident: (1) God understands your pain. (2) God is aware of what you’re dealing with. (3) God wants you to continue to bring your pain and worries to Him, even if you aren’t seeing much change. (4) God will supply the grace you need to endure the pain. (5) When you live surrendered to God, you can be confident that He is allowing what is best for you.

Pray: Jesus, I know that You understand my pain, because You Yourself have endured suffering and temptation. Help me to surrender my pain and fear to You, Lord. Help me to stop trying to find solutions on my own. I praise You for giving me the grace to endure the pain, knowing that You are in control of my life and that You know what is best for me.