This Is That

Peyton Johnston

July 23rd, 2017

Acts 2

Fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus (which was also Passover) and ten days after He had ascended into Heaven, the day of Pentecost had begun. The streets were filled with Jews from many nations in order to celebrate and give thanks for harvested crops by way of a massive festival. This was an annual Jewish event. But this year, The day of Pentecost would prove to be one of the most pivotal, life-changing moments in history.

When all the believers were gathered together on this day, God’s Spirit poured out like they had never seen or felt before. It came suddenly, and as a rushing, mighty wind. It was a total overwhelming overflow that filled the entire room that they were in. Then everyone was filled with that same Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in a language they did not know or understand. The crowds around them were bewildered – How could all these diverse people be praising God in a language they certainly were not familiar with? The bystanders, having no other explanation, ridiculed the people of God and accused them of being drunk. But Peter – a follower and apostle of Jesus – quickly stepped forward in the crowd and exclaimed:

“For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day. But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel: ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh. And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy. And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood and fire, and vapour of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.’” ​(Acts 2:15-21)

The prophecies of the Old Testament had come to fruition. God was proving His Word to be true through a miraculous outpouring of His Holy Spirit. But God’s purpose was not to simply prove a point or show His greatness on that one day – It was to start a revolutionary movement in the lives of all who would believe the truth across generations until the end of time. That day of Pentecost was the catalyst for the spread of true salvation promised to everyone of every race, any background, and all ages.

Today, we are God’s people who are still encountering the Holy Spirit like on that day of Pentecost. We are still living in the days spoken of by the prophet Joel and fulfilling the Word of God. We are the sons and daughters that are prophesying. We are seeing visions and dreaming dreams. We are witnessing God’s miracles, signs, and wonders. And we will see that great and notable day of the Lord.

This is that.

Pray: ​“God, thank for allowing me the privilege to live during the most exciting revival this world has ever known! Thank You for gifting us with Your Spirit and for guiding me to salvation. I want to be used by You to do great things for Your Kingdom in my lifetime. Help me to be a passionate lover of Your Word and of souls so that I can be a zealous apostle of the Gospel.”