Unlock Faith

Peyton Johnston

August 6th, 2017

Matthew 17:14-20

A mustard seed is minuscule. Barely visible to the eye, and smaller than any other seed known to man. Yet Jesus said that’s all the amount of faith we need to move an entire mountain.

But there’s more to the mustard plant than its humble beginnings as a tiny seed. Though it starts small, the mustard plant quickly grows to be a grand, resilient tree. It expands without boundaries, overtaking everything it its path. The force to move the mountain came from the seed’s evolution into a mighty plant.

The first mission of Project 7 is to unlock faith. In order to be impactful Project 7 missionaries, we have to be proactive people who are passionately displaying and releasing faith as a mustard seed. When Jesus said all we need is faith as a mustard seed, he intended for our faith to explode and spread. All it takes is the slightest glimmer of faith to turn your school upside down – to grow and spread a flourishing, all-consuming outbreak of radical revival that overtakes everything and everyone around you.

To unlock something is an action that means to release, to open, or to free it. It means taking something that is in hiding and bringing it to the light. Sometimes our faith can be bound up because of fear, doubt, inadequacy, or other issues that may cloud our lives. As we reach out to others to spread the Gospel, it can be overwhelmingly daunting and nearly impossible without faith. But when we use the keys that Jesus has given us through His liberating Word to open the door that holds our faith, there are no limits to what we can do! God has given us power to move mountains and heal diseases with our faith. All we have to do is find it, nourish it, and release it! Revival starts with faith. So we have to unlock our faith before we can spread the Good News. For what is the Gospel without faith?

Pray: “This school year, help me to unlock my faith, Lord. Sometimes I get caught up in my inabilities and it’s difficult for me to find the faith that you’ve promised me. But ultimately I know that with You by my side, nothing is impossible! So in the times when my faith may be small, help it to become like that of a mustard seed – continually transforming into something that sparks a massive revival!”