Homeschool in Terre Haute

Andrew Fishers Terre Haute, IN

September 1st, 2016

“We launched our first homeschool group P7 Club. 17 in attendance. There are a growing number of students choosing to homeschool, so we decided to take advantage. I don’t have a lot to share just yet, but our goal is to grow in size through some of the students who go to “co-op” or through the church leagues they play in for sports. It works much the same way as a P7 Club in a public school. We provide the space in our church foyer. After P7 is over they go to our cafe and work on their studies. This is once a week. We are also planning ways to “Serve Others” in the community as this a part of the P7 mission. They did incredible today, loved the interaction!” #jointheP7story