Teacher Sponsor Receives Holy Ghost

P7 teacher sponsor, Coach Arnold receives the gift of the Holy Ghost at P7 Rally. Volunteer High School TN

September 1st, 2016

“Praise the Lord! I have never felt a move of God like I felt tonight at the #P7rally. Miracles happen and lives were changed forever. This is Coach Arnold. He has graciously opened his classroom every Wednesday morning since 2014 for P7 at Volunteer High School. 23 students have been baptized in Jesus name, myself included, because Coach Arnold allowed P7 to take place in his classroom. When P7 first started, he would make copies or find other things to do and not really listen to the lessons. As time progressed, he eventually stayed and listened and even participated. This week he got up and taught the lesson about Jesus being our cornerstone. Tonight, he was filled with the Holy Ghost! I am in awe of the King of Kings tonight. Thank you Jesus!”