P7 Helps Detention Hall Program

Robert E. Lee High School Student: Jose Cruz Perez Life Church, Tyler TX

October 1st, 2016

“So excited for our students involved in P7. They have been actively meeting for over a year now. The school they attend has roughly 2,600 students with a few other Bible clubs along with many other programs/clubs to keep the students engaged. With all that is going on, our students have only had 6 members, and most of them were from two apostolic churches in town. They tried several different ways to get others involved but with no success.

Our kids were a little discouraged because they were not seeing the results they thought they would, but the thought of giving up was never verbalized and they kept pushing.

This year, they decided to change things up and start having their meetings in the afternoon. Just so happens, the teacher that is sponsoring P7 also holds detention after school. So now our P7 is being held in the detention hall. Yesterday they had 13 students, (3 that were in detention) who participated in games, and got to hear some amazing teaching from a P7 missionary. They all said they had a great time and would come back.”