Revival in Belpre

Belpre High School OH Student: Kaylynn Crites

October 1st, 2016

“Bro. Taynor We’re two months into the school year so I thought I’d send you an update on our P7 club this year. We started out this school year strong with 17 students. We’ve grown every week and today reached our highest number of 46 students.

The principal called my pastor Joe Hunt this past summer making sure we were coming back and having Bible Club this school year. I met with him to go over the details on which room we would be able to use this year because the schedule is different than last year. We decided on using the library again like we did last year, but I told him in that meeting I was expecting to be in the gym by the end of the year because we wouldn’t have a class room to hold all the students.

Today in our P7 we had 6 students sitting on the floor because we were out of space. I talked to the principal as I was leaving and made mention to him that next week we may need to be in the gym. He was just as ecstatic as I was. God’s doing big things in Belpre High School. We’ve given 23 home bible studies to high school students since the beginning of this calendar year and seen several baptized and received the Holy Ghost. We plan on bringing as many students that want to go from our P7 club to Rush in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to watch God work. “